The Ex-Girlfriend Confessional

Have you ever done something crazy while trying to get over your ex? What about something awesome? If you have a confession you want to make about that hilarious revenge stunt you pulled or the kick-ass way you got over him (or her), send it to us at and we'll share it anonymously with the world.

Welcome to Confession!

It’s time to spill all those secrets you’re holding back about the embarrassing or awesome things you’ve done to get over a break-up. Tell us about the hookups, the destruction, and the awkward moments that came out of your break-up or share the really kick-ass way you’ve changed your life around for the better. Did you rebound with your ex’s best friend? Write us about it! Go skydiving to prove your mettle? Send us a picture! It’s time to celebrate all the crazy and not-so-crazy ways we women deal.

Send your confessions to and you’ll see them up here in no time!